Rhyne & Son, Inc.


Incoming Containers

Be sure to continue checking this page for updates on incoming merchandise! Click below and we can send you a full item list for any container!

Licensed Counter Jars (QD and G)
Getting closer!

A wide selection of our popular glass counter jars and colored peanut jars! (ETA: Mid December)

Cast Iron signs and decor (DE)
Getting closer!

Cast iron signs, bells, decor, plus ship wheels! (ETA: Late December)

Furniture (Y)
On the way!

A variety of new and returning furniture pieces! (ETA: Early January)

Animal brick molds and furniture (at)
On the way!

Plenty of furniture and animal brick molds, including some new designs! (ETA: Early January)

counter jars and decor (ex)
On the way!

Counter jars, oil bottles, churn sets, and more! (ETA: Early January)

Home Decor and compasses (k)
On the way!

Compasses plenty of styles, state signs, tag art, and much more! (ETA: Late January)

cast iron urns and planters (r)
On the way!

Cast iron urns, planters, and animal heads! (ETA: Late January)

weathervanes (wv)
On the way!

2D, 3D, and wall hanging bracket weathervanes! (ETA: Late January)

leaving soon

Porcelain foot tubs and planters (YF)

Porcelain planters, phrenology heads/hands, and foot tubs! (ETA: Winter)

jadeite and glassware (g)

We’re restocking on all of our jadeite, blue, and green glassware! (ETA: Winter)

birdhouses and spring decor (hy)

Our first full shipment of some incredible Spring decor! (ETA: Winter)

Metal Coolers (jh)

Our highly-anticipated, metal coolers are almost ready! (ETA: Winter)

home decor and lanterns (fa)

Birdhouses, hanging decor, lanterns, and more! (ETA: Winter)

in production

Authentic European Antiques

Flags and Burlap Bags

Cast Iron

Counter Jars and Decor

Home Decor

More Glassware!

Metal Signs and Decor


Wooden Indians and Statues