Rhyne & Son, Inc.


The Rhyne and Son Family

Bill & Lou Rhyne

     Rhyne & Son, Inc. is a family-owned business where they have lived and operated since 1964. Bill and Lou began by buying and selling antiques knocking on doors in Chattanooga. Eventually, they set up shop in the “Big Red Chicken House” and Bill would haul loads of antiques from all over the Northeast. He would call home when he got a few hours out so Lou could let all the customers know he was getting close. Their youngest daughter Jovanna remembers as a small child customers coming at night, shining their headlights and buying off the back of the truck.

     The antique reproduction business started in that same chicken house. Furniture was built on site and the first products imported were cast iron bells. Through the years, all the immediate family members have worked at the business

Bob & Jovanna Gurley

     Bill and Lou’s youngest daughter, Jovanna and her husband Bob purchased the company in 2003 and have continued to grow it for the last twenty years. what started as one employee, one chicken house, and no loading dock has progressed to nearly twenty employees and three buildings (with three more offsite storage facilities just to hold everything!). It is just as exciting now as it was fifty years ago, and we appreciate our customers continuing to spread the word!

     Bob and Jovanna feel incredibly blessed to have so much of their family involved in the business.

Gurley Family Picture

Will Gurley & James Mason

     Continuing with the next generation, Bob and Jovanna’s son Will and son-in-law James are now managers. 

     Will grew up in the business stacking cases, lining up rows of buggies, and counting endless glassware. When you get to the Barn you’ll hear his laugh before you see him! 

     James is a transplant from Utah, but he’s converted to the warmer climate. He’s the tall one in the warehouse who will always welcome you. He’s still working on “y’all” so help him out with his accent when you get here. 

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Our Extended Family

     Rhyne’s would not be here without everyone on our team. Each person here is family. Their hard work, comradery, and great attitudes are what make the Rhyne & Son experience so incredible. We love them all! Come on in and hear a great “Hey folks, how can we help you today?”